September 16, 2017

Born on 18th September 2012, (formerly: A little bit Unique), Ellen Grace is a UK style, beauty and lifestyle blog, written by a twenty something from Northern Ireland called, Ellen that buys too much make up and owns too many clothes. 

I started this blog as a teenager, blogging about lipsticks and leather skirts. Now, as a twenty something professional, living with my partner, Anthony and our beautiful daughter, my life is very different. I left this blog for a very long time and now I have decided to start writing my ramblings again. 

You are likely to find beauty reviews, fashion favourites, lifestyle bit and pieces and some travel and food thrown in for good measure. 

I appreciate everyone who decides to follow, comment or simply just pass through looking at the photos and I hope this continues to be a place where you enjoy.  

Come on in, the kettle's on...

In the press

- Short-listed for a Company Blog award 2013: Best new fashion blog.


  1. Hey, great post love :)

    I've just posted a new giveaway where 3 winners will be chosen. Please check it out and enter for fun :)



  2. Wow, inspiring! What a beauty too! :) Blogrolled!

  3. Hey I really love your blog. I have made it my blog of may- http://shimmerofpink.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-roll.html
    Laura x
    shimmerofpink.blogspot.com :)

  4. Hi Ellen thanks for stopping by my blog, I had a chance to check out your blog and love it. I followed you. Keep in touch :)



I love getting your messages, it still amazes me people actually take the time to read my ramblings! They're always read and appreciated so thank you :) xxx

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